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Premier League Teams

If You Click on a Team Name you will go to that teams website.

01 - AR: Arsenal

02 - AS: Aston Villa

03 - BR: Brighton & Hove Albion

04 - BU: Burnley

05 - CH: Chelsea

06 - CR: Crystal Palace

07 - EV: Everton

08 - FU: Fulham

09 - LU: Leeds Utd

10 - LC: Leicester City

11 - LI: Liverpool

12 - MC: Manchester City

13 - MU: Manchester Utd

14 - NE:  Newcastle Utd

15 - SH: Sheffield Utd

16 - SO: Southampton

17 - TO: Tottenham Hotspur

18 - WB: West Bromwich Albion

19 - WH: West Ham Utd

20 - WO: Wolverhampton Wanderers

Championship Teams

If You Click on a Team Name you will go to that teams website.

01 - BAR: Barnsley

02 - BIR: Birmingham City

03 - BLA: Blackburn Rovers

04 - BOU: AFC Bournemouth

05 - BRE: Brentford

06 - BRI: Bristol City  

07 - CAR: Cardiff City

08 - COV: Coventy City

09 - DER: Derby County

10 - HUD: Huddersfield Town

11 - LUT: Luton Town

12 - MID: Middlesbrough

13 - MIL: Millwall

14 - NOR: Norwich City

15 - NOT: Nottingham Forest

16 - PRE: Preston North End

17 - QUE: Queens Park Rangers

18 - REA: Reading

19 - ROT: Rotherham

20 - SHW: Sheffield Wednesday

21 - STO: Stoke City

22 - SWA: Swansea  City

23 - WAT: Watford

24 - WYC: Wycombe Wanderers




Mike Silom (Right)

The Winner of the £1000 end of season 1st prize last season (2018/19) Mike is a Royal mail driver from Norwich.


Finished 48th last season and is also a RM Driver from Norwich.

Both pictured having fun in Barbados at a cricket match

Roy Faulkner (Right)

He came 2nd in the end of season competition and won £500.

He's a cab driver from Harlow and said this of The Footy Predictor

"It's great fun and great value, what more could you want?"

Send me your photos and tell me what you think of The footy Predictor !

(send via whast app, facebook mesenger or email)

Our Players

Ian Hall (Left)

Has been playing for a couple of season now and says..... "Any Football fan should play the Footie Predictor, It's professionally run, has incredible cash prizes & is far better than any fantasy football league. It makes the football weekend that much more exiting"

Ian Finshed 37th last season and got a special offer of a season Ticket for just £10!

Will Tennison (Left)

Harlow Man Will join in for the first time last seaosn and finished 77th out of 236 players, not bad for his first attempt.

Chris Milligton (Right)

Finished 6th and won £140 in the end of season prizes, and more anoyingly beat me for the first time ever ;-)

Both pictured avoiding the recent zombie infection that sweept through Harlow! (Actually decorating).

Bill Herrett (Above)

Our end of season winner from a couple of seasons ago, and winner of many prizes over the years, Bill works at Harlow delivery office.

Please keep sending in your pictures and comments on The Footy Predictor :-)

Malcolm Lee (Left)

Malcolm has won a few of our smaller prizes but near the end of last season he won his biggest prize yet, £150 in our "I Survived" competition as the sole survovor.


There's plenty of room here for more photos and your testimonials!