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Scoring Examples


Example of how we now score each game.

First section:

Was the game a Home win, Away win or a draw?

If you did not get that right then you get zero points.

If you get it right but the exact number of goals wrong then its 4 points.

If you get it right and have the exact score right also then its 10 points.

Second Section:

Then on top of which ever points you have from above, you may also get get the following:-

Home Teams goals correct = the number of goals as points.

Away Teams goals correct = the number of goals as points.

So in this example the actual result was 2-1 a home win. George put 1-0 so he gets 4 points plus zero as he didn't get either the home or away team's score correct, =4 points Bill put 2-0 so he get 4 points plus 2 points for getting the home team score correct =6points Sam put 2-1 and so gets 10 points plus 3 points for both the home and away goals =13points Andy put 2-2 so get zero as he didn't get the result right but gets 2 points for the home goals =2 points Dean put 0-1 so get zero as he didn't get the result right but gets 1 point for the away goal being correct =1 point Bob put 0-2 and so get zero for both sections = 0 points

Hope this helps! Robert.

"I Survived"

 Two competitions that were new for the 2015-16 season.

one based on Premier League teams and one on Championship teams.

Each week money is added to the 2 competition pots.

The pot is paid out when there is a sole survivor in each competition.

(or if its the final week of the season the pot can be shared between all remaining players evenly).

You simply choose a team in each competition to WIN that weekend.

you cannot pick the same team two competitions running.

if the team wins you survive!  if it draws, loses or the match is void then you are out!

Occasionally the competition will be suspended for a single competition

(like during international weeks when no premier league or championship match will be on)

this is the only time you can still be in the competition without your team winning.


normally that is Saturday or Sunday, it can include Bank holiday Mondays,

(but not Monday Night football on non bank holidays).

During the xmas and new year period the matches covered will be made clear on the website.

 "The Full 90 Leaderboard (season long running total)

 This competition hopes to pay out to the Top 30-50 players

for the 2018-19 season (last season we paid out to the top 33).

The exact prizes will be announced once we have an idea of the numbers playing each week.

An estimate will be up within a few weeks,

but the final prizes are not announced until much nearer the end of the season

as we do our best to ensure all money in is paid out in the season it is received.