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Our recent events & how we became The Footy Predictor.

Half way through our 2nd season (2012-13), I had to move our website at short notice, in doing so the old company got funny and the old domain ( despite being mine, was not working for a few months, so I set up website and renamed the compo from "The Predictor" to "The Footy Predictor". The old website domain, as well as my email domains were all been transfered over to a new host company now and just recently (February 2016) we moved again to TSOHOSTS, all my domains they all now are "parked" there and are copies of the main footy predictor site on

My domains are:-,,,,,,,



We took over the running of the Predictor for the 2011/12 season from Dogsie/Deano who are in the Royal Mail Delivery Office at Harlow.

Our First year (2011/12) we were Called 'The Predictor' as I was based at Stansted Airport and not at the harlow Office, I thought calling us the Harlow Predictor(as it was under Dogsie & Deano) seem false advertising, even though I still live in Harlow to this day. We became the Footy predictor as told above to match the new domain I had bought.

The Footy Predictor's origins go back a lot further than Dogsie and Deano (The Harlow Predictor). Before Dogsie & Deano, Barry Smith and Ken Johnson used to run it and the original Predictor hosts were Nigel & Alison Hale, back then they called it "The full 90", and in the 2016/17 season I renamed the main competition back to its original and along with the two 'I Survived' competitions they make up The Footy Predictor site. There is alot of work in the background to keep the competitions running and I can see why people decide they are ready to hand in onto someone new! But for now I am happy to continue and I hope you all enjoy playing.

I am about 2-3 years away from my planned retirement date and a move to a seaside bungalow, so if anyone wishes to give me advance warning they are interested in taking over the running of the competitions please say so, it would be nice to know that the competition carries on once I retire. and I'd love to carry on playing long into retirement.

Robert :-)ert