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Based in Harlow Essex - A Season Ticket is required to play online.







How do I enter?

You can also enter via the ENTER tab, just click the appropriate Footy Predictor number.

How are the entries marked and scored?

We have a page explaining the scoring system we use on the link available from every page Bottom right under Help & Information :- Scoring Examples.

We mark using a spreadsheet, the entries are typed into it prior to the start of the first match and then as each goal is scored and entered into the spreadsheet it automatically marks every entry, so we know who has won the moment the last goal has been entered in and the final whistle blows.

How to I pay for The Footy Predictor?

If you want to play on line you should be paying in advance by buying a Season ticket.

If the Season Ticket sales have closed, then a rest of Season ticket we be available just ring me and I'll work out what it should cost. £35 divided by 43, times number of compettitions left, then rounded up to the nearest £5

If you are not going to play on-line then you can still pay as above or you can just pay £1 each time you hand over the paper form.

(if it is a multi week form however much that form costs).

How do you calculate my Projected score?

The spreadsheet I use calculates your score automatically, the points it shows during the competition are what I call your "projected score" when the first match starts I set all the scores to 0-0 and only change them as a goal is scored and so it calculates your points based on no more goals being scored, so if the matches ended with their current scores the score it shows is the score you will finish with. As each goal is scored I enter that and your (new) projected score alters. For matches that have not started if you have predicted a win, either home or away you will not have any projected points from that match, if you predicted a 0-0 draw you would have 10 points from the match (but you would lose that as soon as a goal was scored), and if you predicted a draw other than 0-0 you'd have 4 points, (again these points would not be a sure thing and could be lost). During our matches you can gain and lose projected points whatever you have predicted, depending on how the match is currently standing. the points you have from the matches that have finished are the only ones that are "in the bag". Hope this help you understand exactly what your projected score is.

I stopped using the projected scores regularly in my saturday posts as it seem to confuse people! but I am planning to do a couple of my old saturday running scores to see if people think that is worth the effort by me, let me know.